me at cpMy name is CARRENA, the designer behind SKRAPPYJOY.  After working for several years as a wardrobe stylist in NYC, i returned to my roots in oregon.  I was always sewing to create specialty items, but when i put my skirts in a little boutique the response was so enthusiastic i couldn’t help but want to create more.
I am especially interested in reuse because it disturbs me how much waste we create in this world.  I love asking the question “what else is possible”?
T-shirts are abundantly made and discarded, which provides for an extensive supply of material.  Each piece that i make seeks to tell a story, as prints and colors match together to find their harmony.
For the last six years i have been living in an exceptionally beautiful place on the oregon coast.  Daily walks on the beach or through the woods with my two delightful dogs gives me the peace of mind needed to balance the challenges of creating and maintaining a small business.