bring the green

653May is the sweet spot grace time.  ready to leap forth, and yet cloaked in the overwhelm of so much to do to move forth. phew!

taking the build-your-own-website yet again, with the faithful lincoln county community college.  this will either make this website function able finally, or limp along with all those other less-than-savvy websites out there, boo.  this post is actually just a test to see if i can remember how.

thank you for a most excellent summer market season

peabodythis was a beautiful summer on the oregon coast. i am so grateful for the enthusiastic patrons, especially those who had returned for more. it is such a pleasure to get to know the fantabulous people who will be wearing these unique skrappyjoy clothes and accessories.
this summer the skirts went off to live in france, australia, mexico, singapore, germany, canada, and many will go on adventurous vacations.
setting up my booth and being an outdoor vendor is such a pleasure because it is a golden opportunity to glean the appreciative energy of a charming variety of people. the hours are long, but the good vibrations fuel the soul. i would venture to say this is actually my favorite part of this work. it sure beats the often tedious time it takes to build inventory.
thank you to all who support hand crafted, locally made, up-cycled clothing, and in turn, who support me. may we all shine our unique radiance.

altered art festival

altered art booththe altered art festival in sherwood, oregon, last weekend, was a charming event with beautiful attendance, and a brilliant collection of very talented vendors.   i met some very special people that day, and saw some joyously familiar faces.  thank you!!


thank you


dsc_1347my deepest gratitude to lincoln city community college, the extended business program, and misty lambert for providing a “build your own website” class. as difficult and somewhat painful as it was, i am one turtle step into this much revered world of on-line connectivity and commerce.

i am also so very grateful to the generous time and talent of chad chumway for his gracious help as photographer for several etsy shoots, and for equipting me with the necessary tools, like a computer.

click the image to see what’s new on etsy.

and thank you….for your interest and support.