custom order

yes…I will be specializing in custom orders.  I am currently updating this website and simply adding this to what is already written.

soon to follow this summer will be clearly formatted options to what I can offer you.

many times i have heard the story of that coveted collection of t-shirts that hold those significant memories, and are ready to evolve into something other than  shirts that are no longer worn.  the beauty of up-cycling t-shirts, is providing a solution, and giving voice to what else is possible.

custom orders are a pleasure to create.  as yet, this has been a process of personal shirts being sent or handed to me, and working with this person to find a vision for what they would like to see happen.  a signature skirt, a dress, pants, shorts, or perhaps a new design.  

if you are interested in having a customized garment made, please contact me, and let me know what you have in mind.  working with your shirts is best, but it is also possible to suit your personality, provided i have the materials available (as seen below) .  pricing will be negotiated at that time, and timing of completion will abide by my market schedule, or the urgency of your order.

thank you for your interest.  i look forward to working with you.

here is a custom made dress to celebrate the completion of high school for miss marley.  i was given a glowing list of her interests, attributes, and color preferences.  also measurements, and a request for a shorter fit.  with that, i made what is now the “marley dress”, a design that can be used again, if so desired.